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Rose and the Moon
7 min readApr 28, 2022


To my sunny friends on the interwebz, Hellos. (Helios? I’m being silly.) How are you? It’s been some ‘couple of weeks,’ huh. I hope you are keeping well. These are the Days of Our Lives, and in that being said, I yet believe we mustn’t feel bound by our realities as they play out. I know it is easier to state than practise, and the circumstances we find ourselves in have roles, for sure. What I hope is that we find it within to centre ourselves as we navigate varying and various oppositions.

Saving Grace

2021’s medicine was not a concoction I could easily stomach, some of us are yet coming to terms with the swallow. Even now, things are seemingly gaining in their arduously challenging aspects. There is something else I have been able to take note of, though. Despite what is or will be, there’s Grace I am tapping into. A minuscule amount, mind you, but that it is there — I acknowledge, and feel glad for. Impatience used to get the best of me, before & I mean this, literally and figuratively.

Prior to my mental health and ‘spiritual awakening’ journey — not only did I not know about any tools, I possessed little to no inner guidance. Whatever went down in my life — I rarely reflected on those times. What led to them, did I like what happened, was it healthy for me, and what did I learn from it? My understanding of Grace in seeing how it helps me temper the ‘See-Saw moments’ invited me to consider sharing my grasp of what are known as the Chakras. I would encourage you to do your research, I am no expert and the way I might relay what I learned to you might read as Gobbledegook. Chakras (plural), which means Wheel in Hindi and Sanskrit, are intangible ‘focus areas’ within our bodies. There are seven of them, each represented by a particular colour and energy.

Started from the Bottom, Now We Here (Pronounced Ear)

To illustrate the concept of Chakras, the most common depictions I have seen are of the 7 colours within their particular centres resting inside the outline of a human body. Keeping that reference in mind, envision a ‘starting point’ kind of energy that begins as a ball of colour present in the ground upon which rest your being, your feet. Now: imagine this sphere of colour seemingly entering your feet from the earth and taking Root there, glowing red. This energetic sphere travels up your legs to the Womb… the Sacral — your Centre of Creation where it turns orange; going up to your stomach, your seat of confidence and self-esteem — the Solar Plexus, where it transforms into a sunny yellow. It continues moving up to the chest cavity, the Heart centre where it glows green — I see this Chakra as a connector between the 3 lower and the 3 higher realms. The sphere persists further, ascending to the Throat emanating a vivid blue representative of your Voice and Truth; travelling up again to the centre on your forehead between your eyebrows turning indigo marking the Third Eye which represents your intuition and instincts. The energetic sphere completes its journey at the Crown, the top of your head where it bathes the ethers of your mind in violet. At this point, the energy is regarded as evolved, many-layered and sovereign.

You may then see this energy, upon completion of its journey, percolating out of the Crown into the airs above, whereby the cycle begins all over again.

Chakras and the Seasons of the Sun

Considering the Chakras, we can use them to our benefit, in the way that we note the astrological energies around (as well as the modalities of the seasons) and draw parallels between the two*. Doing this helps us highlight a focus area for the time, and use the information & resources at hand to our benefit than detriment. One of my favourite Readers on YouTube talks about this often — to know the astrological placements at a time is akin to obtaining a ‘weather report on the energies.’ This helps us look into our plans and ‘tweak’ as we see fit. Though we must also recall that while the knowledge is worthwhile is also seasonal, and therefore — subject to change. What is predicted is information, temporarily, not an absolute Truth that ought to govern and influence our actions & goals. You would be prudent to plan around what you uncover but it is unwise to think to abandon your sovereignty and wits altogether.

*for context, I love to interweave astrology, mental health, the Tarot and self-care.

Story-time: as I started to acquaint myself more seriously with astrology, decoding the mysteries of retrogrades was something I did not know what and how much to take in, information-wise. I often saw the cautionary information being relayed as possibly suspect — I did not like if it was talked about in a way that meant to inject fear in you. On the other hand, I saw that the astro community made jokes about it too using it to deprecatingly-slash-lightheartedly blame happenings on. With a newfound assimilation of Astrology as well as reverence for it, I understood that you work with what you’re given like anything else, and astrological placements cannot and mustn’t disempower or infiltrate your acting and thinking powers — you would be using these tools to your detriment, then.

Tucking, now (!!!!!), into the Heart of what I wished to throw light on: the Base Chakras, namely — the Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus.

Cardinal Aries (Red), Fixed Taurus (Orange), Mutable Gemini (Yellow)

Rooting is something we learn at the start of things — in this case: the astrological year. Aries season made me think of the Root Chakra, in how we tend to the Spark of Life at the Spring Equinox. This is closely followed by us using our aesthetic senses during Taurus season to note what we value, in turn aiding us in the middle ground of Building and Structuring. Taurean energy is steadfast — we learn to keep the fire going, feed it with logs, and make sure the Hearth is comfortable, cosy and upholding well. The third of these foundational energies is present in the ethers of Gemini season — making me think of the Solar Plexus. Gemini is often associated with bees, community, intellect and the colours golden and yellow. By this point of the astrological year, it would be wise for us to step back and regard what we’ve built in the last three seasons, take confidence in the assembly and formation as well as use it to determine our next steps. Working with the energies around, in synchronicity, helps us understand that 1) much of our journey on Earth is a collaborative effort; and 2) as the seasons are wont to do, we work in cycles too.

Grounding is a form of self-care, and is something we need now more than ever.

I am currently experiencing a mix of themes. I feel tired. Often: keyed up; this quickly transmutes into deflation and a pervading sense of overwhelm. There’s so much I wanna do, and so few hours in a day. Niggling as these states are, it is something to me to be able to greet them at eye level and not fully hate what comes up for me. At the time of the Spring Equinox, I believed I was over (some of) the wonkiness of 2021 but I noticed that while I’ve been diligent about my self-care, I have not taken the time to pace myself, slow down, take breaks. My energy is intact at times, and all over the place at others — I feel eager and inspired to create and share and while I love this for me, ordinarily, I feel tipped over from drinking too much from the Cup of my Passions. Temperance is missing, and I know if I continue diving recklessly into my whims and not temper the palpability, I’ll soon find myself at Burnout Point, and it’s not an outcome I desire for myself or anyone really.

What has been working for me is: to listen to what your Body and Mind might be asking of you. I know Time is considered a luxury… a Gift. Your energy, skills and talents are gifts too! Pushing hard past obstacles, all the time and consistently is admirable, but it takes more out of us than we imagine, and when the circumstances concern a new beginning or start, I find it wiser to conserve energy and give things time. Pacing yourself could translate to you observing more, recharging quietly, and making plans. When we are in Go! mode, executing diligently without pause, it is easy to get swept up in the throes and lose sight of what drove you to create in the first place, whatever your craft or line of work is. This time feels ripe when it comes to starting afresh. Laying groundwork, and bricks.

Things to Remember

Many of us are coming into a version of ourselves that we haven’t had (or made) the time to get acquainted with. Our bodies — emotional, spiritual and otherwise are new. We’re reemerging in our social circles and the world around us — so much has changed, so have we. 2020 brought me some gifts, and one was setting me forth on a wave of sheer creativity, sparkling and rippling. It has sustained me for so long now, and I would like to keep the fire/hearth going and in turn, commune with others when it feels right. For now, I feel called to synchronize with Time, ‘work my butt off’ more optimally, and use the room to innovate and flow.

God Bless You

Thank you for reading.

A note: Let it be known that much as it’d be sweet, that you feel welcome here, experiences and views expressed on Rosewater. are deeply, truly, madly personal. (Unless stated otherwise.) Should they strike a chord with your own musings and reflections, that’s lovely, and if not, that’s cool too. This collection contains no facts, solo personal musings and truths.