Message in a Bottle

She sells seafoam on the seashore.

La Sirena by Roanna Fernandes

Twelfth House energy is rarely easy to navigate, and I learned something about that, the last time the Sun & Moon were moving through my 12H which is in the Sign of Leo (read: the 8/8 portal of 2021). Pisces season is currently upon us, and here we are… Here we are. Though an apt question seems to be Where are we? which makes complete sense if you think about it — the energies are nebulous. Pisces vibes, through and through. Dreams, illusions, shadows. Hidden stuff coming up to the fore, etc., etc. The Twenties are showing us tingz, step after step after step. As much as anyone else, I don’t know that it is going to stop, anytime soon.

The truths of now seem to be what we were aware of, what we knew, innate innermost things. There is also, this cue of Go. Go, go, go. Now or never vibes, soft and sure and secure. “This is what we must do. This was it. Trusting the here and now to act.” I started this essay, differently, with a thought in mind to promote the new sets in my shop, & this feels like I’m channelling Piscean wisdoms from deep within. Bear with this transmission, if you feel called… I too am not sure where it will take me, though I trust. Continuing, I believe we are encountering Shadows again, as is necessary for cycles to close out, as is necessary for newness to gush forth. Power of Three. Pandemic mode was set into motion during Pisces season of 2020. Last year, there was Joy to be here. Relief. Respite before a cutthroat season, as fate would have it — April through to June 2021.

And here we are, again… Pisces season.

(What will you bring us? What was foretold?)

We mustn’t lose hope. We mustn’t lose steam.

Tune in, be empathic, don’t discard the gems dark nights & e n l i g h t e n m e n t brought you. Share, as you feel called; speak your truth & speak it well. Whatever isn’t needed, bless it, say goodbye, cast it to the side. You’re needed, here. Your wits are the need of the hour. Make it count. See it through. You are abundantly cared for, no matter what was communicated to you — what was said. You’ve waited all your life. Take this Pentacle, and begin. Let the Arrow of the Compass point you — say a prayer, shut out the din. It’s time.

P.S. I wrote this part in communion with what was guiding me (Spirit?), and part in communion with the me writing this in real-time. This hasn’t happened in a long while, and I’m grateful to Spirit, glad for the tools, and that I am learning to use them to interpret what comes through. t h a n k y o u.

God Bless You

Thank you for reading.

A note: Let it be known that much as it’d be sweet, that you feel welcome here, experiences and views expressed on are deeply, truly, madly personal. (Unless stated otherwise.) Should they strike a chord with your own musings and reflections, that’s lovely, and if not, that’s cool too. This collection contains no facts, solo personal musings and truths.



Hello, my name is Roanna Fernandes.

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