Message in a Bottle

La Sirena by Roanna Fernandes

A note: Let it be known that much as it’d be sweet, that you feel welcome here, experiences and views expressed on Rosewater. are deeply, truly, madly personal. (Unless stated otherwise.) Should they strike a chord with your own musings and reflections, that’s lovely, and if not, that’s cool too. This collection contains no facts, solo personal musings and truths.




Hello, my name is Roanna Fernandes.

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Being a Christian Interdisciplinarian

Why read Proverbs?

Woman, You Are Not Inferior

Kia Stingers and Religious Folks in Business


Six Reasons to Believe in Christianity

Jesus flipping over tables

Is the story of Jesus the story of the human race

If you ever thought about Hinduism as a monotheistic religion..

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Rose and the Moon

Rose and the Moon

Hello, my name is Roanna Fernandes.

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