Second House

Rose and the Moon
5 min readMay 11, 2022


This is the house that bees build.

Pear (Prosperity) by Roanna Fernandes

Taurus season feels slow, sensual and developmental. The first few days of Taurus season and the New Moon in Taurus transit feel an age ago — so much is changing and unfolding in my front of my very eyes, and it is what it is. Within the astrological wheel, Taurus falls in the Second House opposing Scorpio in the Eighth House. The Second House is to do with Value, and Taurean energy is highly evocative of it. Modality-wise, the nature of Taurus is Fixed. It speaks to the tempering of energies of the season past (i.e., Aries) and integrating it with the season present.

Second of the Earth: Community is Key

Value means different things to different people, and considering the Second House — it, largely, is to do with the things that make up your World. These things are the tangible and intangible — they show you what you value, in turn, growing into the practice or system you ascribe to — aiding in the formation of what you are building. My initial understanding of Taurus was that they are lush, sensual, material-driven and pleasure-seeking which, typically, are their traits but there’s more and ore (my little joke) to them than I perceived. To have a strong set of values becomes your driving force to crafting the World you imagine & bringing it to life around you. When you know what you hold dear and in good regard, it becomes easier to set about noting and gaining the means as to how you might be able to do that for yourself. This is one of the reasons why I associate Prosperity with Taurus, because they are provenly fertile in their imaginative, creative and ‘builder bee’ aspects. That is the House of Value to me. To know what you like and dislike, what you define as aesthetics — maybe even status symbols — because that is telling of the environment you most connect with, one wherein you commune and build within.

One of the themes I thought about for this season is that we are rarely taught the ropes on what constitutes (solid) investing, multiplying and paying it forward. We are used to living in a world where the opposites are so extreme that legitimate middle ground has taken a backseat. Lately, I haven’t been buying physical books, and the ones in my possession that I am done with and no longer wish to hold on to, I re-read (one last time) and put aside to give away. I happened to be drawn to my copy of The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad by Twinkle Khanna in late-April, and two stories in the book — the one in the title and the last one, The Sanitary Man from a Sacred Land spoke to themes I was thinking about but hadn’t articulated, then. To build, to craft, to work is something I believe is connected to our identities on Earth — it definitely can be seen as Life-force energy. Tilling and toiling helps us earn our food and keep, and can be incredibly shifting in the way that you learn so much at your job and in your down-time too — basically, anything that you take to, whether a hobby or task, can ground you and teach you how to subtly and surely tune into the details and in-between moments as you put your efforts and resources to work. Returning to the messaging in the books, the focus is on how we have an idea — that not only is close to our heart, it’s how that thought takes hold of us expanding into us thinking of what we do have rather than what we do not. We use that to build. All this, in turn, aiding us in communing, conspiring and working for the Greater Good. … Honey is infinitely sweeter when shared. In a world that undoubtedly has so much on and to offer, it remains unfathomable that many are without jobs, homes, food and families, and are so alone in their plight — Survival is their sunshine, and they do not even get to bask in this warmth.

As the Rest of 2022 unfolds, and given our knowledge of the Second House — Taurus season’s timing could not feel riper. The energies invite us to give a nod to Community — the one we may have built or founded, that we are a part of, that we collaborate with — frequently — the ecosystem that keeps us worker bees harmonizing and going. Aries season helps us tend to the Individual, the self. Taurus season is about the second, the other. The Pair. The Pear. *smiley alert* Taurus also speaks to me in the Language of Offerings. This means what we sacrifice to enter, what we give to provide, what we choose that becomes our good judgement. Do you know now what I mean about this season feeling developmental (& many-fold)?

Prosperity and the Pear Tree

Taurus is representative of the Earth element, Mother Gaia personified. With all of Nature’s bounty, flower and fruit are one of the strongest symbols of As you sow, shall you reap. There are, of course, many ways to note the seasons — the moon cycles, the tides, the months, the days, the weather — and yet fascinating as developmental journeys are, outcomes are seemingly the only fruit we aspire for. And even then, it is not a fruit we wholeheartedly bless or welcome — because we nitpick and chide if it is any different from what we perceived. I chose the Pear for Taurus season because it made me think of femininity, the Empress archetype swollen with child, the green of Nature itself, and the juiciness and sustenance it provides. Our creature comforts do not spring out of nowhere. It took seasons. A village, a hope, a dream.

As I did for Aries season, I did for Taurus season… I pulled one card — the Three of Swords (in reverse). The Moon (in reverse) was the card at the bottom of the deck. Thinking to the cards, the messages that came forth were this. We are coming out of deceit, whether done to us by ourselves or others, whether they be residual imprinting from past experiences and encounters. The healing is complete. What stood out to me in the Swords card is the middle one, remaining upright — it brought to mind the “exposing only what is just and true” Ace of Swords gleam of metal. The truth, however you see it (however I saw it, I might obscurely add), is here to absolve what was. For you are no longer to be beholden by anything that is impure, unhealthy and untrue. The Moon in its upside-down state reaffirms that you have completed swimming in the Shallows of Shadows, you take the tears spilled — ‘blessed’ moon milk that you use as sustenance, to further pour into the land that held you when you were broken and sinking in grief. May your “I know better” become your compass now to help you do better, choose better.

God Bless You

Thank you for reading.

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