Third House

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6 min readJun 6, 2022


The Power of Three will set you free.

Lemon (Insight) by Roanna Fernandes

Hello, and welcome to the third instalment of this series ◡̈ Gemini is the third astrological sign in the Zodiac wheel, associated with the Air element, and is ruled over by Planet Mercury. Mercury is the messenger (Hermes) and represents communication, intellect, strategy, and all the stuff you got going on up there (wink, wink). The Third House is about our voice, our truth — how we connect and choose to express ourselves in the world. It is face of the brand energy, curious and seeking to a point of being pestilent but meaning well. Big beautiful brain energy is fitting for all I associate with Gemini, it is a frequency that is chaotic and powerful when upheld and wielded right.

Mutable in modality, Gemini is interpreted as experimental, fluid and transitional. One of the masterful traits about a Gemini is their ability to alter, to flit between seasons (emotional, spiritual and otherwise) — their GPS is unisex in the way of them being able to tap into their curiosities and create (Feminine) whilst applying ‘witty pragmatism’ to their takes (Masculine). This trick of theirs which is to be manipulative (not in the way this word is made out to be) means course-correcting is one of their strong suits. They switch agendas and tweak motives at the get-go, they are skilled at holding opposites in the face of it all. Gemini is also spoken about as being two-faced and not one to easily rely on. Their energy is far too mercurial for many to fully comprehend.

Gemini season usually has me focusing on my mental health, and over the past two years, I have been connecting to the sign more than before. My natal placements include Chiron being in Gemini, this happens to be my Midheaven placement too. Before understanding the Geminine mindset as I do now, it was easy for me to believe stereotypes in the past. If I were to articulate that now, it might have been Gemini’s easy, lazy yet brilliant intellectual nature that threw me off. It is underrated, and this is possibly also because they are charming and have this ‘Class Clown’ jestery vibe. What I admire most is that Gemini’s desire to discover is not fuelled by an unhealthy need to outshine others. Their focus is on altering, mastering and shifting through illusions to reach Gems of Truth … Apples from the Tree of Good and Evil.

Third of the Air: Using Despair

So… How do we work with Gemini season? One of the messages percolating in is that life comes at us with no trigger warnings. With the growing documentation of mental health in the media (an excellent thing, yes, yes) — I think it is important for us to consider that it is not optimally healthy in the long run for us to apply filters and guard ourselves against everything we fear coming at us. Permit me to explain before you come at me! I function on most days mainly because of my nature to compartmentalize, cut out distractions and self-preserve. This isn’t bad, and yet I note that life can’t unchangingly be this way for me — where I mentally slap on ‘Trigger Warning’ labels on everything that troubles me and veer to always stay in the clear of them. Short story: I am learning to, proverbially, let go and let God.

I am also tucking into Lessons of not willfully standing in the ways of Spirit, because, alas, them Tower moments have been knocking me down, plenty. I am grateful for them because there have been times when I intuitively would be drawn to one choice I feel is healthy for me and yet for whatever reason I cannot fully commit to and let me say, 2022 seems to be that year of reckoning for me. Spirit has my back and is not wasting any time the moment I heed my intuition and ‘decide’ on things. What I mean is there is no more room for doubt or hanging from trees in sheer limbo — the time is now, and if I have decided, something will unfold in my reality or I will be made privy to a truth that will back up my initial choice or word. No more turning back. While this is hard, I have been better at the ‘handling.’ There is no petulant fighting on my part, there is acceptance even if there are tears. Progress, baby!

Desirable outcomes have a way of fusing illusory aspects with the truth — the mind is a powerful being and with past conditioning and infiltrations during weaker moments, it can be hard to be discerning of what feels like a block and what feels freeing (a leaving behind, an opening). To drive my point, further — I would like to share, in experiences past, whatever I unwittingly put on pedestals or saw with far too much compassion than was needed have been the things that took me out and proved detrimental to my wellbeing. What I decided was good for me created blind spots, keeping me ensconced from the truth of the matter. I tend to romanticise, a lot, and this has had me partaking in experiences wherein lay my folly. On the other hand, there have been times when I contemptuously judged before sticking my toes in — only to later be like ‘What do you know? This is an elixir my bones need.’ [Echoes in the background: “Constant vigilance!!!”] To finish here, you know what works for you and what does not … It feels good to be shifting from ‘I control my reality with little tolerance for disruptions’ to ‘I have the power to choose my outcomes, but I leave the Door open (Divine interference, if you will).’

Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God)

The card I drew for this essay was the Nine of Cups (in reverse), with the Eight of Pentacles at the bottom of the deck. Curiosity got the better of me, and I peeped under the facing Eight — finding the Three of Pentacles. The first card feels open-ended in the way of it being an invitation to consider your ask or the prayers and wishes you whisper to the Universe. To define what that ‘contentment at goal arrival’ means for you; do you see this state as something perpetual or a step along the way? The Eight of Pentacles plays Twin to the first card — in affirming that the sound advice here is to duly pay attention to your rituals. The craft, your craft. We can’t sit tight or for too long on our accolades and wish fulfillments — it gets boring — growth happens on the road between intention-setting and reaching pinnacle points. Finally, the Three of Pentacles confirmed something else: Life in the World at many points is about collecting, communing, and conspiring. I feel like this is in part, a continuation of the message that came through for Taurus season. It’s about working like bees and building community … Fusing the material (resource) with the mental (skill). Be in your head, step out into the world too. You’re ready.

God Bless You

Thank you for reading.

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